Covid-19: Morocco Towards the Expansion of the State of Health Emergency

The government is preparing to extend the state of health emergency because of the epidemiological situation deemed unstable.

A government source told the Moroccan press that the significant increase in Covid-19 cases in Morocco will eventually push the executive to take this decision. The source added that a draft order to extend the state of health emergency throughout the kingdom is expected to be adopted soon.

“The health situation in Morocco is worrying. Extending the state of emergency is now essential to contain the risk of spreading Covid-19,” the same source said.

Moreover, the reduction or reinforcement of confinement measures will remain up to the Minister of the Interior, in collaboration with the local authorities of each region.

It should be noted that the extension of the state of health emergency arises from the need to continue the necessary measures to contain the spread of the pandemic. At the same time, the measures and procedures taken in the different regions, provinces and prefectures of the Kingdom must be appropriate to the development of the epidemiological situation.

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