King Mohammed VI Grants 6 Additional Months to the CSMD

His Majesty King Mohammed VI has decided to grant a six-month extension to the Special Commission on the Development Model (SCDM).

As a result, the work of the Commission will have to be submitted to the Royal High Appreciation at the latest at the beginning of January 2021, a statement issued on Thursday by the CSMD said.

The Sovereign has granted this additional time in order to allow the CSMD to elaborate on the different aspects of the projected development model and to integrate in its work the implications and transformations generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the lessons to be drawn from it in the medium and long term at both national and international levels, the same source added.

This extension of the deadlines will enable the Commission, whose participatory approach has been seriously disrupted by the period of containment, to resume and strengthen its approach of co-construction of the development model.

The CSMD will extend the consultation and listening process in order to take into account the expectations and proposals of the citizens and the country’s driving forces in the post-Covid context as much as possible, the statement concludes.

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