Green March Speech: Africa is an Irreversible Choice and the Sahara is its Portal

Our Sahara provinces “constitute a real link between Morocco and the rest of Africa in geographical, human and economic terms,” King Mohammed VI said in his speech on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Green March. The sovereign forcefully recalls the constants of the kingdom’s politics and choices, a nation whose supreme law insists on Morocco’s African heritage and roots.

But this anchoring and Morocco’s ambitions for the sub-Saharan sister countries cannot be realized as long as parties continue to challenge the Moroccan nature of the Sahara and go against the territorial integrity of our country. For it is the bridge that will be lacking, as King Mohammed VI so rightly pointed out. “The Moroccan Sahara is Morocco’s gateway to sub-Saharan Africa,” the sovereign said.

The conflict created around our resolved territorial integrity is a radiant prospect for Morocco and Africa. And it is an irreversible choice that has been put forward for a long time. “Since our accession to the Throne, we have placed our continent at the heart of our foreign policy. Thus, we have made numerous visits to its various countries and concluded with them nearly a thousand agreements covering all areas of cooperation,” recalls King Mohammed VI, who says, with his people and the living forces of the Nation, “determined to establish Morocco as a key player in the construction of the Africa of tomorrow”.

“Our ambition is also to increase the level of trade, as well as the volume of Moroccan investments on a continental scale. Ultimately, it is a question of initiating a new stage, on the basis of mutually beneficial interests,” continues the sovereign, who states that “to achieve these objectives, Morocco must honor its commitments and continue to consolidate its presence in Africa”.

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