Morocco: Cafes and Restaurants Will Reopen If…

Members of the Board of the National Association of Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners have had numerous meetings with walis and governors throughout the Kingdom.

According to the President of the Association, the aim of these meetings is to study, together, the conditions for the resumption of café and restaurant activities.

According to Nourddine Harrak, the members of the above-mentioned Board proposed to the Walis and Governors a number of recommendations for the reopening of these social and meeting places. First, in regions where there is a less severe state of emergency.

Among these recommendations, the main emphasis was placed on the need to respect social distancing. Similarly, said Noureddine Harrak, that tables can only be occupied by two customers at a time, with permission to use the terraces of cafes and restaurants. For the time being, the working conditions in these places are still being discussed and no official decision has yet been reached by the competent authorities, our source said.

It should be noted, again according to the president of the ANPCR, that owners of cafes and restaurants in several cities, including Laâyoune, Errachidia and Chefchaouen, will soon meet with the governors. The purpose of this is to agree on a date for the reopening of their shops.

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