Covid-19 Is Going to Boost the Moroccan Made Product

Sometimes human beings change before they realize it. At least that is what happened with the health confinement, which had a direct and painful effect on our consumption behavior. This is the result of an interesting study carried out by two firms: Innovate Research & Marketing, an independent firm specializing in marketing research, and Research & Quality Consulting, a subsidiary of Dislog Group, an agency specializing in marketing. Among its most striking features, the survey reveals that 69% of consumers surveyed experienced a significant drop in their respective incomes and that 62% of them found that their spending on groceries was higher than usual.

We can therefore assume that this health crisis has had a noticeable effect on the mental state of households, since 66% of consumers confirm that their mood is at its lowest because of Covid-19. Moreover, 50% of them say that this crisis has caused tensions within their family cocoon.

Another high rate: 64% of the parents participating in the survey say that the educational life of their children has been negatively impacted. As for their future, 47% of respondents said they were stressed and worried about the development of the pandemic in Morocco, while 42% said they were sufficiently informed and confident, leaving 11% of the remaining consumers not worried. Fortunately, the picture in this study is not all black and white. We are learning that health confinement has instilled in us behaviors that should be adopted as a standard basis for future actions. Examples include the social distancing that 66% of respondents would adopt for the “next normal” or the handshake and kiss, which 60% of respondents would now avoid. Finally, 58% of Moroccans would consider traveling exclusively in the kingdom during the next holidays. This is at least encouraging news for the hotel owners.

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