African Union: King Mohammed VI Continues to Support African Countries

“This solidarity towards Africa is nothing new for the Kingdom of Morocco and for His Majesty King Mohammed VI. He continues to support African countries in all forums as well as through projects and other forms of support.” the AU Commissioner stressed in a statement.

Mrs Amani Abou-Zeid expressed her appreciation to King Mohammed VI for the medical support given to the African Union Commission and several brotherly African countries to provide them with assistance in their efforts to combat Covid-19. She affirmed that the Kingdom was thus setting an example of Intra-African solidarity.

” Morocco is once again making an outstanding example of Intra-African cooperation, which is after all the main mission of the AU: African integration and solidarity between the countries of the continent,” the Commissioner said.

The African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy also expressed her appreciation for the actions of the national airline Royal Air Maroc, which has been transporting medical aid to the brotherly African countries.

“I also thank the Royal Air Maroc for this highly appreciated gesture as I am well aware of the very critical state of affairs for all our airlines in Africa and around the world,” said Amani Abou Zeid. “I am confident that the African continent will be able to overcome this crisis and ensure a better future for its citizens.”

It should be noted that His Majesty King Mohammed VI had given his very high instructions for the shipment of medical aid to several African countries.

Such solidarity action is part within the framework of the implementation of the Initiative launched by the Sovereign on 13 April 2020 as a pragmatic and action-oriented approach intended to help brotherly African countries, enabling the sharing of experiences and best practices and aiming to establish an operational framework to support their efforts in the various phases of pandemic management.

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