The Amazigh Radio Broadcast Airs for 24 Hours a Day

Since June 24, 2020, Amazigh Radio has been on 24-hour radio service. Thus, it extends its night-time broadcast from midnight to 8 a.m. This extension allows Amazigh Radio to capitalize on its morning and night broadcasts in order to strengthen its proximity and continuous communication with its listeners.

The extended broadcast of the new version of Amazigh Radio allows it to adopt a rich programming schedule dedicated to culture, arts, literary, artistic expressions, lifestyles, history, human, natural and technical sciences, as well as other fields.

It also features musical, playful and sports breaks. As it covers cultural events of a regional, national and international nature. Furthermore, it seeks to promote popular culture, arts and customs, especially Amazigh ones. Thus, it encourages the various forms of expression of new talent and Amazigh artistic innovation.

The radio station has developed its programs in accordance with the legal provisions of its terms of reference. Thanks to this new version, this radio would have, since its creation in 1938, gone through important stages in the communication with its listeners. After starting to broadcast its programs in “Tachelhit” for no more than 10 minutes, another 10 minutes were devoted to “Tamazight” in 1952 and 10 minutes to “Tarifit” in 1955. In 1974, broadcasting in the Amazigh language was extended to 12 hours, at a rate of four hours per day for each dialect, from noon to midnight. From 15 November 2005, the radio extended its broadcasts to 4 p.m., from 8 a.m. to midnight, with 5 hours of broadcasts for each dialect.

Thanks to its great efforts, this radio station was able to crown its success by switching to 24-hour coverage. Thus, morning and night broadcasts will make it possible to establish “Amazigh radio” as a local station par excellence, which meets the aspirations of its listeners from different parts of the country by giving concrete expression to the linguistic diversity that Morocco has to offer. 

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