Ministry of Culture: The 40th Edition Launched in Virtual Mode

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (Department of Culture) has published the 40th edition of its Magazine of Moroccan Culture on the Ministry’s electronic portal, given the situation of health containment during which this edition was carried out.

The 40th edition of the Magazine of Moroccan Culture, which the conditions of the pandemic crisis did not allow its publication on paper, contains a section on the Moroccan theater, addressing the theme of “The horizon of experimentation and the limits of the show”. A number of Moroccan researchers and playwrights participated in its preparation, with the publication of an unpublished interview with the late poet and playwright Taïb El Alej. As usual, the magazine is composed of diverse subjects, including anthropology, through the approach of certain phenomena of Moroccan culture, and plastic arts, with the portrait of a plastic artist and a presentation of his work, followed by photography, thumbnails, cinema and a review of poetic and narrative creativity.

This edition also pays homage to some of the late writers, including Abdelkébir Khatibi and Ahmed Barakat. There is also a chapter dedicated to the Moroccan genius Mokhtar Soussi, and the importance of this writer when dealing with issues and ideas. A special section is devoted to translation, directed by the poet Salah Bousrif. The Magazine of Moroccan Culture took care to put, as usual, on the back cover, photos of some deceased writers. This edition notably mentioned and celebrated the late poet Ahmed Al-Joumari. 

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