Moroccan Facebookers Call for Normalization with Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched an opinion poll on the Arab countries with which Israel should strengthen its relations via its “Israel Speaks Arabic” page.

Thus, many Moroccan “Facebookers” called for the establishment of cooperative relations with Morocco, as was the case for the rest of the Maghreb countries, since they are “countries and peoples who love peace, and who do not give any importance to religious differences. They also belong to the Mediterranean, where customs and traditions are similar, not forgetting that they need to establish economic cooperation among themselves. »

Indeed, some Internet users have stressed the need for Israel to strengthen its relations with its neighboring countries, in particular Syria and Lebanon, as this is likely to bring significant economic benefits, just as they have suggested opening a passage from Israel to Europe through Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

Many Internet users have indicated that Israel should have relations with Iraq, as it is the cradle of the greatest civilization in history and has an important geographic location with Israel, making it the key to “opening” all Arab capitals.

Other Internet users suggested strengthening ties with Kurdistan and Sudan, which for years has been deprived from closer ties with the State of Israel because of the Islamic regime. Others mentioned Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

One of the followers of this page, which is often controversial, wrote, “All countries need foreign policies and good relations with all countries of the world, without exception”.

It should be noted that Morocco, despite the absence of a peace agreement with Israel, is one of the countries that have always called for dialogue with the Jewish State, ever since the reign of the late HM King Hassan II, who personally received Shimon Peres, the Israeli Prime Minister at that time.

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