What Rock to Talk to? Paracha ‘Houkat – Rav Yoshiahu Pinto

Let’s see where the source of the fall of Bnei Israel in the desert lies. Moshe Rabbenu (Moses) is a very holy person, but how can one speak about Moshe, when no one has been like him?

The People, who lived with Moshe during the 40 years, knew that thanks to him they had the Manna every day. They knew that Moshe Rabbenu received the Torah at Sinai, and that he reached a very high spiritual level. However, Bnei Israel dared to tell Moshe Rabbenu that they were on the same level as him, saying that they ate the Manna for 40 years, they ” saw ” Hashem on Mount Sinai, and that they reached a very high spiritual level just like him.

Moshe Rabbenu approached the Rock to speak to it, but the Bnei Israel did not want him to, they wanted Moshe to speak to another Rock, then Moshe was taken to another Rock, then another Rock, each one of Bnei Israel chose his own Rock, they wanted to show that they were equal to Moshe Rabbenu, but where was everyone wrong?

The student can not deeply understand his/her Rav, it is only possible after 40 years for the student to fully understand his master’s teaching. The difference between the student and the Rav is a difference of 40 years. The person who thinks that he can be the same as Moses and know which Rock to talk to is making a big mistake. There in Meriva, this caused so much harm to the people.

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