Nadia Hai: The Moroccan Minister of the New Castex Government

Nadia Hai was born in Trappes, in the Yvelines region of France. She is 40 years old and comes from a family of four children, a working father from Oujda and a housewife mother.

From Finance to Politics

She obtained a BTS in banking and a few dozen interim jobs later. She embarked on a long career with HSBC bank, before joining Barclays bank as a financial advisor for 15 years.

As her first steps in politics and yet a novice, in February 2017, she co-founded the Women on the Move Committee with Emmanuel Macron along the lines of equal opportunities and promoting youth. She then used her inexperience as a symbol of political renewal.

A Newcomer for a Promise of Change

In June of the same year, on the occasion of the legislative elections, she was elected by La République en marche (LREM), and became the LREM deputy for Yvelines, completely defeating Benoît Hamon.

She was also a member of the Finance Committee of the Assembly and worked on several occasions on subjects related to urban policy. She is also vice-president of the Cities and Suburbs study group and was notably in charge of a parliamentary information mission to evaluate and monitor the use of funding from the National Urban Renewal Agency (Anru). Finally, she was also appointed by the President of the Assembly Richard Ferrand (LREM) to work on the reform of the wealth tax.

Franco-Moroccan Friendship

Nadia Hai has never forgotten the origins of her family and is also vice-president of the largest parliamentary friendship group, the France-Morocco group, which has 137 members. She was thus part of the French delegation led by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to Morocco in 2017 and participated in this context in the France-Morocco Economic Forum co-organized by French and Moroccan employers in Skhirat.

A Remarkable Start

On July 6, 2020, she resigned from her position as deputy and was appointed Minister Delegate for Urban Affairs to the Minister for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities in the new government of Jean Castex.

Her resignation from her position as deputy occurred when her deputy, Moussa Ouarouss, who should have inherited her seat in the National Assembly, has been under investigation since the end of 2019 for drug trafficking between Morocco and France.

This resignation “avoids a situation that could have been embarrassing”, explained the leader of the LREM deputies, Gilles Le Gendre, to the press. This way “the group does not risk of being dragged into a controversy”, which will lead to partial legislation in the Yvelines and not its replacement by its deputy, who is under investigation, according to the Official Journal published on Tuesday.

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