Labour Market: Al Akhawayn Launches New Training Courses for Autumn 2020

A press briefing was held on 8 July in Ifrane to launch the 2020-2025 plan, which coincides with the university’s 25th anniversary. The strategic plan in question has been designed “in line with the new challenges of the job market, as well as the preparations for welcoming students for the autumn of 2020,” the university said.

The “strategic plan 2020-2025 is based on technical mastery coupled with social intelligence, corporate culture and adaptability, and with a view to meeting the significant recruitment needs in key sectors”.

New Bachelor and Master courses

The School of Science and Engineering will offer 8 new bachelor programs, starting in autumn 2020, in:

– Artificial intelligence and robotics,

– Big data analysis,

– Engineering of renewable energy systems,

– Cloud and mobile software engineering,

– Cyber-physical systems,

– Computer systems,

– Engineering of decision support systems,

– Manufacturing and logistics engineering.

Three new master programs have been launched by the above-mentioned school. These are a Master of Science in Digital Transformation, a Master of Engineering in Financial Technologies (Fintech) and a Master in Big Data Analysis.  

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, for its part, has set up two new Bachelor’s programs, namely in environmental studies and sustainable development and in spatial planning and management, as well as a Master’s degree in communication studies and digital media. 

“Beyond the implementation of programs that respond to new market needs and capitalization on new technologies, our new strategic plan aims to increase the translational experience of the new generation of ‘Gen-Z’ students to strengthen their success in taking charge of their own development, to maximize their value for their organizations, and to boost their ability to influence changes and new developments in their communities and society,” said Amine Bensaid, President of Al Akhawayn University. 

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