Israel Honors the Memory of HM King Hassan II

The page of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Israel Speaks Arabic” published photos of a boulevard named after His Majesty King Hassan II, as well as a photo of the postage stamp issued years ago in honor of HM.

This photo, which was shared and much appreciated by the followers of this page, especially within the Arab world, was accompanied by the following comment: “On the occasion of its anniversary, Israel commemorates the memory of the late HM King Hassan II in several ways. “It is 91 years to the day since the birth of the Moroccan monarch Hassan II. His name was given to one of the boulevards of Kiryat Akron in central Israel; a memorial was erected in his honor in the city of Petah Tikva to pay tribute to his reign, characterized by tolerance towards Jews and his contribution to the mediation of the historic peace agreement between Egypt and Israel; a garden was also planted in the city of Ashdod to glorify his memory; a footbridge in the city of Kiryat Gat was named in honor of Hassan II”.

“No wonder that Israel, after the death of the Moroccan monarch, issued a stamp with his image on it and wrote in Arabic on the stamp: “His Majesty Hassan II, King of Morocco”. After the stamp was issued, the Israeli Minister of Information and a number of Israeli officials traveled to Morocco and handed the stamp to his son, HM King Mohammed VI, at an official ceremony. The Director-General of the Israeli Post said at the time that the creation of this stamp was a tribute to the memory of one of the key leaders of our region, who worked hard to promote peace in the Middle East,” notes the “Israel Speaks Arabic” page.

It should be recalled that the late HM King Hassan II enjoyed great love and respect from the Moroccan Jewish community, as well as from Israeli leaders and officials who saw in him an intelligent, forward-looking and down-to-earth king.

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