Air Arabia Manages Repatriation Operation with Exceptional Flights

Air Arabia Maroc will resume its program of special international flights, starting on Wednesday, according to a schedule which includes 23 international destinations.

Flights of this low-cost airline leave from Casablanca to Brussels, Barcelona, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, Pisa, Venice, Milan Bergamo, Bologna, Catania, Turin Cuneo, Naples, Pal Mulhouse, Istanbul and Tunis. They also depart from Fez to Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Strasbourg and Toulouse. The departures from Nador are to Barcelona, Cologne, Palma de Mallorca and Montpellier, while those from Tangier are to Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Lyon and Paris.

This new program is subject to change according to the evolution of the current situation.

The resumption of Air Arabia flights to Morocco comes following the government decision taken last Thursday to allow Moroccan citizens, foreigners residing in Morocco and their families to enter and leave Morocco. These flights are subject to certain conditions, starting at midnight on 14 July, according to a press release from the company.

Thus, since last Friday, the operation of selling tickets for all customers of the company has been launched. The company obliges passengers on its routes to wear a mask throughout the flight. Their temperature will be measured before boarding and they must comply with the requirements of the country of departure and destination.

The management of international flights by “Air Arabia” almost faced new difficulties and obstacles due in particular to the entry of Tangier into a new phase of confinement and the suspension of rail and road traffic to and from this city. However, the authorities decided to reauthorize travel on the Casablanca-Tangier and Fez-Tangier routes.

It should be noted that “Air Arabia Maroc”, affiliated to the “Air Arabia Group”, started its activities on April 29, 2009. Its head office is in Casablanca. Many Internet users have wondered about the circumstances that led the Moroccan government to allow this foreign company to organize the return of immigrants and Moroccans stranded abroad, together with Royal Air Maroc, instead of all the other airlines.

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