Rabat: Renovation of the Archaeological Site of Chellah

A meeting of Chellah’s restoration team was held last week. The meeting was attended by architects, engineers, archaeologists and representatives of the company in charge of the work, and the discussion revolved around the renovations that will take place in these mythical places. 

A Cultural Asset

“The restorations concern the Merinid necropolis and the Medersa of Chellah. The work is very advanced, and that includes the Roman aqueduct,” engineer Mohamed El Kortbi told the Moroccan press.

He also explains that “the interior fittings are intended to improve the quality of the visit by building comfortable, accessible walkways and facilities such as sanitary facilities and the installation of a platform to accommodate artists, including dressing rooms and technical areas. Also, the lighting of certain areas of particular importance”.

It should be recalled that at this same period, one year earlier, works for the conservation, restoration and enhancement of the Merinidian Medersa and the Necropolis of Chellah were launched in Rabat. These projects, which are part of the “Rabat, City of Lights and Moroccan Capital of Culture” program, were carried out by the Ministry of Culture, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and the Rabat Region Development Company (RRA).

As regards the Chellah Necropolis, the works were carried out by Rabat Région Aménagement with a funding of 7 million Dhs. They concern the restoration of the interior and exterior walls of the Necropolis and its outbuildings, the mosque, the mihrab and the minaret, as well as the Darih of Abi Al Hassan and old and new coverings.

Jazz au Chellah

In addition to being an archaeological site, this historic site also hosts concerts, shows, and stages for the Mawazine festival. 

Due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus, the City of Lights did not have the chance to host this year’s festivals, notably “Jazz au Chellah”, which offers 5 days of concerts for jazz lovers. A stage that brings together artists from various countries of the European Union and Moroccan musicians.

Enjoyment Postponed for the Next Edition

An event not to be missed on the Moroccan cultural scene, this festival has existed since 1996 and is offered by the European Union in Morocco in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the Wilaya of Rabat-Salé and in collaboration with the embassies and cultural institutes of the European Union member states.

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