Chellah and the Udayas are to Host the International Biennale of Rabat

A number of cultural and historical sites in Rabat, including Chellah, the esplanade of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Udayas garden, will host the activities that will take place during the International Biennale from September 10 through December 10 in Rabat, under the theme “A Moment Before the World”. This event will be devoted entirely to women artists.

This event was set to take place following the partnership agreement signed between the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the National Museums Foundation, under which the Ministry undertakes to strengthen its presence as a key partner in covering the FNM’s international events on the various communication outlets, according to a press release from the Ministry.

The Rabat Biennale will be an important opportunity to highlight women’s creation and consolidate its presence on the artistic landscape, especially as it will see the participation of prestigious actors who have enriched Moroccan culture and world creativity. This event will also promote Morocco’s cultural and civilizational wealth at the national and international levels.

And as stated by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in the same communiqué, the Biennale will provide the public with the opportunity to attend a diversified and high quality cultural event, specifying that the celebration of women’s creation goes beyond any gender-related consideration, to consolidate the values of modernity, equality and dignity.

He also pointed out that the agreement signed between his ministry and the National Museums Foundation, chaired by Mr. Mehdi Qotbi, consolidates a number of measures aimed at raising the level of national artistic action and ensuring its success, announcing his ministry’s commitment to ensure all the means necessary to improve artistic training at the university level and to implement various programs to support arts and expand it in urban and rural areas.

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