An Old Video by Jamel Debbouze Provokes Internet Users

“You can joke about everything, but not just with anyone,” said French comedian Pierre Desproges. For Jamel Debbouze, we can add “but not with Moroccans in France! ». Not all Moroccans! But only those who feel “offended” by a rather funny and insignificant joke.          

This joke was made three years ago, to be exact, in December 2017, on Michel Drucker’s red sofa during his weekly show “Vivement dimanche” on France 2.

Last week, Internet users, for whatever reason, were sharing this video recording, accusing the Franco-Moroccan comedian of disrespecting Moroccans living abroad and doing them a lot of harm.

Jamel Debbouze was speaking in the form of a joke and self-mockery, according to those with a sense of humour, about his summer holidays in Morocco when he was young, in response to Michel Drucker’s question.

“I don’t understand why! But all Moroccans went to the countryside on the same day, at the same time! Like wildebeest! “(editor noted: a species of cattle living in herds in sub-Saharan Africa), said Jamel Debbouze. “But we weren’t buying anything! “he continued.

The word “wildebeest” provoked the ” outrage and anger” of some Internet users who translated it into Arabic as “wild cattle”, which was obviously not the comedian’s intention.

It should be noted that Jamel Debbouze had previously used the same word ” wildebeest ” to refer to people stopping at Spanish rest areas to use the free toilets.

After all, there’s nothing really mean or humiliating for Moroccans living abroad. Jamel Debbouze’s admirers would certainly think that it was not a big deal.

Just as he had made fun of his brother Momo who was falling from his bunk bed and also of his father who could not sleep at a rest area because of the family noise. We call it humor, self-mockery, not an offense to anyone! Yes, you can laugh at anything, even at yourself! But don’t mess with sensitive Internet users, who, in July 2020, got offended by an interview with a 2017, out of idleness and to “pass the time”!

“Qallat chghol mossiba” (” idleness is a real disaster “), says a Moroccan proverb perfectly well!

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