Rabbi Pinto Will Visit his Grandfather’s Grave in Casablanca

This Sunday at seven o’clock in the evening, the Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto will be visiting the grave of his grandfather who is buried in Casablanca. This city was home to a large number of Moroccan Jews and is known as a haven of tolerance and peaceful coexistence between religions.

Rabbi Pinto will be accompanied by a number of his followers of the Hebrew “yechivah” which he founded in Casablanca and which is one of his 50 religious schools around the world. This visit will include a collective prayer to chase away the evil spirits, whose curses are descending upon the world.

The Moroccan rabbi, who is one of the most famous Jewish rabbis in the world, and one of the greatest masters of the “Kabbalah” and Jewish law, aims to rid the world of the curses and disasters it suffers.

Thousands of Moroccan Jews are expected to follow this event which will be transmitted directly from Casablanca, via social networks, as this blessed visit will be transmitted live on all the Rabbi’s pages on “YouTube”, “Facebook” and “Instagram”.

The Rabbi and his followers will ensure the strict observance of all preventive and security measures in order to avoid any possibility of infection by Covid-19, from which Morocco and the rest of the world still suffer.

Despite his fragile state of health, the Moroccan rabbi has insisted on making this visit, during which he will recite a number of special prayers and supplications, learned from his ancestors who are among the greatest rabbis.

During a recent visit to Meknes, the Rabbi suffered from a microbial infection, which necessitated his hospitalization in Marrakech, where he was staying.

It should be noted that Rabbi Pinto’s lessons and “live” teachings are followed by millions of followers and disciples throughout the world.

Moreover, before the Coronavirus crisis, Rabbi Pinto visited the grave of his grandfather, Rabbi Haïm Pinto. He was accompanied by a large number of disciples from Israel as well as from all over the world.

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