The National Airports Authority Is Developing a Plan to Receive Moroccans Residing Abroad and People Stranded Abroad

The National Airports Office has introduced a new reception plan for Moroccan nationals and foreigners residing in Morocco and their families. This plan is in line with the preventive measures currently implemented at airports, including the mandatory wearing of masks and the free distribution of hand disinfectants, respect for social distancing in the various passenger reception areas. This involves the use of ground signage, the spacing of rows of seats, the separation of two seats by a vacant seat, and the adoption of unidirectional, spaced linear queues to avoid physical contact between passengers.

The system was developed by the National Airports Office in coordination with the General Directorate of National Security, the Royal Gendarmerie, Customs and local authorities. The system was developed in accordance with the government’s decision to allow Moroccan and foreign citizens residing in Morocco and their families to enter the national territory from 15 July, via air and sea crossing points.

The system aims to ensure safe and reassuring reception conditions in terms of passenger flow management. This will be achieved in particular by ensuring strict respect for social distancing, the installation of glass barriers in places where interactions with people take place, such as check-in points, information, boarding rooms, checkpoints for departures and arrivals, while encouraging passengers to walk to and from planes instead of using buses, except when necessary.

Other preventive measures within the system include the installation of modern cameras along the route of the arriving traveller, allowing thermal detection of up to 15 people at the same time, the use of stairs instead of lifts, except when necessary, and the closure of all places where travellers gather, such as smoking areas or children’s play areas, as well as the distribution of a health monitoring form, on board flights or on arrival at airports.

According to a statement issued by the ONDA, shops inside airports will resume their services, particularly in arrival areas. As for departure areas, these shops will be opened according to flight schedules.

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