Marrakech Airport Ready to Resume Operations

Having been inactive for over three months due to the declaration of a state of health emergency and the preventive measures adopted by the Kingdom to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Marrakech – Menara International Airport is now ready to receive passengers and resume air traffic, according to the procedures set up by the National Airports Office (ONDA).

Thus, a considerable amount of time and effort has been made by the authorities of Marrakech-Menara Airport to guarantee the suitability of its various services and facilities to the health instructions and the adaptation of the operating procedures to the requirements of managing the pandemic situation, namely the strict measures for maintaining the necessary physical distance from all the passenger reception and arrival areas.

Starting with intensive disinfection and sterilization of all outbuildings, the installation of signs to ensure physical separation, the tracing of routes and the installation of up-to-date thermal imaging cameras, everything is now ready for the resumption of air operations, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a comfortable travel experience for users and restoring confidence in air travel.

In addition, the new thermal cameras have been installed to monitor the temperature of passengers in the Arrivals area, allowing for proactive monitoring of any suspicious cases.

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