Tangier/Covid-19: More Tightened Control Measures

The Moroccan press has reported that since Thursday evening, the authorities in Tangiers have decided to impose stricter measures in order to control access points to the city and its suburbs.

The objective is to control the growing risk of the spread of Covid-19 in Tangier, the city most affected by the increase in confirmed cases of the disease.

According to the same sources, the authorities have placed barriers, in the form of iron and reinforced concrete barriers, in order to better organize the movement of citizens. They have also banned access to and from certain streets.

Police roadblocks have also been set up to check the identity of citizens and also to take the necessary measures against those who do not wear protective masks.

It should be recalled that the government had decided to apply, from Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 20h, a series of preventive measures in the prefectures of Tangier-Assilah and Fez.

In a statement, the government explained that these measures will be applied according to the following criteria:

  1. At the level of the cities of Tangier and Fez:

– Obligation to have an exceptional authorization to travel to and from Tangier and Fez.

– Prohibition of all gatherings.

– Local shops, supermarkets and cafés close at 10pm.

– Restaurants close at 11pm.

– Closure of beaches and public parks.

– Closure of game halls, sports halls and local fields.

– Reduction of public transport capacity to 50%.

2. Measures decided at the level of the residential areas where the pandemic first appeared in the cities of Tangier and Fez:

– Closure of the accesses leading to these districts by security barriers.

– Travel to and from the areas affected by the closure will be subject to special travel permits issued by the local authorities.

– Local shops, supermarkets, cafés and restaurants are closed at 8pm.

– Closing of the local souks at 4pm.

– Closing of hammams and beauty salons.

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