Coronavirus in Morocco: A ” Song ” Becomes a Hit on the Web (VIDEO)

Things are not looking good all over the world. Covid-19 is the cause of this international gloom. Hundreds of deaths have been recorded and ministers, footballers, international artists and others have been infected with Covid-19.

Yet some people still prefer to laugh about it rather than cry about it. Following the Moroccan cartoons and caricatures about the virus, “Laâwniyat”, a group of women, is now performing a “song” which has created a real buzz on social networks.

The slightly childish and naive “refrain” asks Covid-19 to “turn back to China” because “Morocco doesn’t belong to you”, accompanied by traditional percussion instruments, at women’s parties. However, the Moroccans’ interaction was as dazzling as it was favorable, despite the pandemic and very worrying situation in several countries around the world (China, Italy, Iran, etc.).

Despite the fact that seven confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in Morocco, including the death of an 89-year-old woman, some people are trying to invent jokes and caricatures, exchanged on social networks, particularly via Facebook and WhatsApp. As for the song of women’s group “Laawniyat” , which has also caught the attention.

Unawareness, for some! Fatalism, for others! In any case, “No one can escape his destiny”, “Maktoub” of the Moroccans and “Everything is written on the scroll” seem to be the slogans favored by many citizens.

The slogan seems to be ” do against bad luck, good heart ” while waiting for better tomorrows.

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