Rabat: The Residence of the Ambassador of the Netherlands Was Broken Into

It did not take long for the detective police in Rabat to arrest the robber of the residence of the Dutch ambassador to Morocco.

Last Wednesday, the Rabat anti-gang squad managed to solve the case of the robbery of the residence of the Dutch ambassador to Morocco. The break-in took place on the eve of Eid al-Adha when a thief broke into the diplomat’s house and took jewelry and a large sum of money.

The main suspect was caught red-handed selling the stolen items in the Takkadoum district along with his mother, aunt and a fourth partner.

The weekend edition of the daily Assabah reported that the Dutch diplomat alerted the police last Saturday to a break-in at her home on Boulevard Mohammed VI.

The incident brought together several security services, including the criminal investigation department, the scientific police and elements of the Souissi-Takkadoum police. Investigators went to the scene to make initial observations, take fingerprints and consult the cameras installed in the villa. All the data collected on site was sent to the National Security technical laboratory for analysis. Police detectives were able to identify and locate the main accused within five days. They arrested him, his family and a friend while they were selling a digital camera belonging to the ambassador.

The daily Assabah reports that the thief stole jewelry, a large sum of money and other items. The stolen goods were seized and placed at the disposal of the king’s attorney general at the Rabat court of appeal in order to be returned to the Dutch diplomat on the basis of an official statement of offence. The thief admitted having watched the ambassador’s residence and waited for her to leave it with her two children before climbing over the wall. After half an hour, he found the jewelry in the bedroom and then grabbed various objects. He left the residence without attracting the attention of the guards or private security.

However, this area is heavily guarded as it is home to the residences of most heads of diplomatic missions in Morocco, high-ranking government officials and a princess. Moreover, the residence of the latter was robbed in the same way a year and a half ago and had jewelry and a valuable watch stolen. On Saturday, the judicial police are expected to present the main accused and his partners before the king’s attorney general on several charges, including robbery.

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