Higher Education: Nearly 10,000 Moroccan Students Are Preparing to Leave for France

The departure of Moroccan students to other European Union countries is also being prepared.

“Among the 10,000 Moroccan students leaving for France, there is a large number of newly enrolled students for the French academic year 2020-2021,” it was said, adding that “these students are either holders of a French residence permit or have a student visa issued by the various French consulates in Morocco”.

“The number of Moroccan students in France is almost the same as in the previous academic year,” said one of the sources contacted by the Moroccan press.

“Because of the Covid-19 crisis, there is of course a small drop in the number of students leaving for France,” said another of these sources.

Meanwhile, a special transport program is being finalized to help these 10,000 students leave for France, mainly via air transport.

Several ministerial departments, airlines and consulates are involved in the development of this program. The first departures are scheduled for early September.

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