Mohamed Hassan Al Joundi: The Knight of the Golden Age

Mohamed Hassan Al Joundi passed away in February 2017, leaving behind him an artistic legacy that will be honored through many generations.

He was born in Marrakech in 1938 and became famous in Morocco and the Arab world thanks to his wisdom, his talent as an actor and his powerful voice that accompanied generations of Moroccans on the radio.  He was the star of the show, at a time when radio was more popular than television, and presented the show “Kachkoul Al Maghrib” in London in the 1970s, which was very successful and had a large audience.

Al Joundi was a theater leader and a pioneering actor in Morocco. Thanks to his excellent mastery of the Arabic language and its points of articulation, he made a name for himself in Middle Eastern countries, at a time when Moroccans were not known outside their own country. His brilliance in the role of Abu Jahl in the masterpiece “Arrissala” by the Syrian director Mustafa Akkad is proof of his artistic talents.

He exercised his talent in other Arab and historical roles, including the film “Al Qadisiyya”, where he played the role of Persian General Rostam Farrokhzad, the series “Saqr Qoraich” by Syrian director Hatem Ali, the series “Omar” by the same director where he played the role of Utbah bn Rabi’ah, the series “Akher El Fersan” by Syrian director Najdat Ismail Anzour and many others. He has received several awards and recognitions, including “The Medal of Paris” from the Arab World Institute in Paris and the “Medal of Culture” from the Republic of China. A tribute was paid to him during one of the editions of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM) where he received the “Golden Star” alongside the famous American director “Francis Ford Coppolla”.

Mohamed Hassan Al Joundi is a father of a family of artists like no other. His wife Fatima Benmeziane has participated in several plays that they produced together, as well as other dramatic productions. His eldest son, Abdelmounaim Al Joundi, is a leader of a theatre company. His youngest son, Anouar Al Joundi, is an actor, director and author, while his daughter, Hajar Al Joundi, is a writer and playwright.

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