Historic Agreement Normalizing Relations between Israel and the Emirates

Israel has signed an agreement normalizing its relations with the Emirates, allowing the two countries to exchange ambassadors and diplomatic missions and to cooperate in various fields. According to many, this is a “historic” step forward.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated the agreement, which he described as “historic peace”, while the Emirates said it is an initiative towards peace in the Middle East.

For his part, American President Donald Trump spoke via his Twitter account of a great improvement in relations and a historic peace deal between two great friends. He considered this a major achievement for almost 25 years. A trilateral statement (Israeli, American and Emirati) followed these words, demonstrating an agreement signed in Washington marking the beginning of relations between the two countries.

It is expected that the Jewish state will sign other peace treaties with several Arab countries that have expressed their will, as Jared Kushner, the American president’s senior advisor of Jewish origin, said. Kushner commented after the announcement of normalization that there was a good chance of announcing another normalization of relations between Israel and another Arab country. U.S. officials predicted that the country in question might be Bahrain.

An agreement will soon be signed in the White House and the United Arab Emirates. This will make the United Arab Emirates the third Arab country to sign an agreement with Israel, after the peace treaty with Egypt in 1979 and the one with Jordan in 1994.

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