More than a Million Jews Followed Rabbi Pinto Praying from Rabbi Amram’s Tomb

More than a million Jews around the world followed Rabbi Yosef Yoshiyahu Pinto’s special prayer on the mausoleum of Rabbi Amram ben Diwan. On this occasion, which took place more than a week ago, Rabbi Yosef Yoshiyahu Pinto also preached a religious lesson.

Moroccan Jews living abroad, whether in Israel or elsewhere, were unable to make the annual visit they usually make to the tomb of Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan, who is buried in the city of Ouazzane. This was due to the spread of the Coronavirus and the closure of borders between countries to prevent infection. However, they were present with their hearts and souls thanks to the live broadcast that Rabbi Pinto made on his official pages on social networks, which allowed them to participate, although virtually, in the prayer as if they were present on the spot.

Despite his unstable state of health, Rabbi Pinto insisted on travelling to Ouazzane, where he performed a special prayer in front of the tomb. He asked God to remove the sufferings inflicted on the Jewish people and the rest of humanity, and to remove the Coronavirus which has claimed many lives and affected the lives of all social classes without exception.

The President Rabbi of the Jewish Court of Casablanca recited a number of special prayers to drive the curses out of the world. He also preached a religious lesson, transmitting an important message and inviting all Jews to be religious and to do charity to help the poor and needy, especially in these difficult times.

Rabbi Amram ben Diwan immigrated from his hometown Jerusalem to Morocco where he lived before being buried in Ouazzane. He is loved and respected by the Jewish Moroccan community around the world who insist on visiting his grave and asking for his blessing every year, especially since the Rabbi was known for his wisdom and great knowledge of Torah and Kabbalah.

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