Rabbi Pinto Distributes Food to the Poor in Brooklyn

The Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto established a space in his U.S. charity in the Brooklyn area for the benefit of the Jewish community living there. The purpose of this space is to distribute food and health care requirements to the impoverished, especially with the spread of the coronavirus which has caused much social misery.

Students from the Moroccan Rabbi’s Religious School in Brooklyn oversee this distribution every week on the Sabbath, when thousands of poor people from the Jewish community in Brooklyn and other neighboring American states come to benefit from the help that the Rabbi, known for his charities around the world, offers them.

The Rabbi is accustomed to giving charities throughout the year, some of which were kept private while others were reported by the Moroccan media. For example, thousands of blankets were distributed to remote areas in the Marrakech region, in addition to school bags, clothes and supplies for schools in Setti Fatma and Aghbalou and other villages. He also took the initiative, from the very beginning of the spread of the virus, to distribute aid for the Jewish community in Morocco. The students of the Yeshiva, which the Rabbi himself founded in the Beth-El synagogue in Casablanca, put themselves in danger during the confinement to ensure that Moroccan Jews lacked nothing.

The Rabbi has already announced his intention to found a space to help poor and destitute Moroccan Jews. This space will be named after his uncles, Rabbi Raphael and Rabbi Mayer, where more than $10 million will be distributed on a weekly basis to guarantee the poor a respectful life in their country, without the need to move or travel to Israel.

Rabbi Pinto is a professor of Kabbalah, has studied with leading Ashkenazi and Hasidic rabbis, and has made friends with artists, politicians and celebrities in the United States. He oversees an organization that contains many religious schools in Ashkelon, Kiryat Malakhi and Ashdod in Israel, in addition to one school exclusively for girls and one to train students. He has also founded a network of religious schools in Los Angeles, Miami and New York in the United States, and also oversees a group of charitable organizations that provide food to needy Israeli families.

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