Raynald La Rochelle French Canadian Action Actor

Ray La Rochelle was born in Montreal Canada and won four black belts in Karate, also trained with the best Karate masters. He has had a passion for boxing ever since he was a kid, and did fight choreography. Ray also starred in 25 films, which are Team of Two, Business of Betrayal, The Match-Stick Flame, Bucks of America, Elephant Stomp, IN3DRAGON, Jimmy Stomp the Bodyguards, John Kincaid Unleashed 2 Haunted, The Match-Stick Flame Prologue, Limo Driver, Professor Thompson, The Mayors Daughter, The Art of Fighting, Alien Rising, and Deadliest warrior.

Ray worked with Jean Claude Van Damme, and appeared in a lot of other films and tv shows, for example, Lionheart, The Infamous Buddy Blade, Moxie, The Resolve, LA Live the Show, Warlock’s Magic: The Series, The Dream-Naperz, and finally, Extraction: Genesis.

Currently, Ray is working with JJ Stomp Film Director, And he has the film Limo Driver available right now on Amazon prime.

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