Jewish artist : Hanna Doukhan, Suspension Points Artspace Gallery in Jerusalem

Hanna Doukhan, “Suspension Points”, Artspace Gallery, HaZefira St. 5, Jerusalem.

Hanna Doukhan’s landscapes create the tensions between their elements through the play of shapes and colours, and in an exercise of penetration opens up into movement.

Each canvas is the result of a study and an appropriation of what the real offers; but the artist modifies it. Each movement blends with the others to create a new harmony that has nothing imitative about it. It is the initiator of a new order.

There is light and darkness. Their two theatres overlap. The landscape is no longer entirely within itself. But it is not entirely outside itself.

It is about “reading”, looking, breathing and meditating on painting in its space, which is closed and open. There is the flesh of the world and its enigma. Such paintings cannot be penetrated simply by “ visiteurs ”. They bear witness to the missing mark of the mystery that every creation worthy of the name foments.

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