World Health Organization Warns Against Reopening Schools

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against reopening schools next school year in countries with high Coronavirus numbers, especially since the start of the school year coincides with the second wave of the virus.

The WHO describes the coming period in Europe and other countries where the pandemic situation is unstable as difficult. It added that there are more and more scientific publications that prove that children and teenagers play an important role in the contamination, especially with the increase in the number of European young people infected during the summer.

Mike Ryan, the Irish director of health emergencies at the WHO, warned against reopening schools in countries where the spread of the virus is on the rise, saying it will only make the situation worse. The international media reported his statement repeating that schools should only be reopened in countries where the number of infected people is not high, or those that are well-equipped in the event that cases of infection spread to the classroom. He added at a press conference: “We all want children to go back to school, but it is necessary that this is done in a safe environment for teachers, students and their families”.

Morocco is one of the countries where the discussions on a possible reopening of schools for the next school year are still open depending on the spread of the virus as well as the increase of contaminated cases and the instability of the pandemic situation in several cities. These conditions have caused complaints and requests for a blank year, for fear of the spread of the virus among students and the loss of control over the situation especially after the confusion of parents and the ministry in charge because of the dilemma that arises: face-to-face or distance education.

Many parents have pointed the finger at the ministry and the Minister of Education Said Amzazi for having given in to the private lobby following his announcement that the new school year will begin on September 7. This is to give private schools the chance to be paid for the re-enrolment fees, without taking into consideration the epidemiological situation in the country.

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