Mahmoud Maarouf Has Passed Away

The Palestinian journalist Mahmoud Maarouf died on Thursday morning in Rabat, where he lived for years. He was an activist and writer for the famous newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi, of which he was director in the capital.

Maarouf arrived in Morocco from Baghdad in the early 1980s and decided to settle there permanently. He established relationships with Moroccan politicians, writers and intellectuals and provided them with pages in the newspaper to share their creativity or to interview them. He thus helped to create a bridge of communication between Moroccan and Eastern culture. He also gave the opportunity to rights activists to express themselves through his newspaper.

Mahmoud Maarouf, who passed away at the age of 67, contributed to the popularity of the Palestinian cause in Morocco. He was always in the forefront of activities and demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Thus, he was an excellent cultural ambassador and journalist between Morocco and Palestine.

Mahmoud Maarouf died as a result of a cardiac arrest. The National Union of Journalists described him as follows: “He had a Palestinian identity, but he belonged to Morocco, the country that welcomed him for decades. It was here that he created a large network of professional and human relations based on friendship.” The union added in praise of the deceased: “He had a beautiful soul and he was a man of unique morality. He managed to establish deep relationships with different people in the Moroccan society. He managed to gain the respect of everyone.”

The deceased, a native of Akka in 1953, was buried in the Sidi Messaoud cemetery in Hay Riad. 

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