Raissouni Tackles the “Sheikhs” of the Emirates

Ahmed Raissouni, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, said that lawyers and religious scholars who defend the policy of normalization with Israel are merely carrying out the wishes of their heads of state and employers, without regard to their religious duty.

Raissouni affirmed in an interview with the Algerian newspaper “Achourouk” that the Muslim Sharia’a is clear and unambiguous towards normalization. The latter is entirely haram and totally disproved, because what is called “normalization” is only ” violation and destruction of Palestine”, according to him. He added that the same applies to human and moral attitudes, and that it cannot be otherwise.

Raissouni said in the same interview that Muslim scholars who issue “Fatwas” to justify relations with Israel merely do so to fulfill the desires of their heads of state and employers. Thus, the political decision of normalization, Raissouni said, comes first from the head of state and then is applauded by the Sheikhs.

Raissouni previously stated in a video shared on his official website that standardization is the biggest problem. He said that the Zionist enemy is trying to solve this problem with the ambition to find a welcome and open door to media, culture and politics in order to live in peace on a land that is not theirs, with a people who have been destitute and whose land has been invaded. Raissouni described normalization as: “A reward and a welcome to the violator, the aggressor, the murderer and the criminal.”

He also stated that the rejection of normalization is the strongest weapon in the hands of the Arab and Muslim peoples, and this is what will lead to the disappearance of Israel because this state is “an intruder implanted in the Arab and Muslim world”.

Raissouni described the heads of states and presidents who have accepted normalization as dissidents of their peoples and their religion.

In another article on the “Howiya Press” website entitled “Ibn Zayed’s Sheikhs and the Islamization of Pharaohism”, Raissouni said that “Sheikhs” are supporters who have been exported and naturalized for this purpose”.

Raissouni also expressed his astonishment at the absolute delegations that the scholars offered to the heads of state, without daring to redirect their choices according to what is allowed by religion or according to an advisory council of scholars or even according to the approved religious principles and rules. He added: “If their head of state was not a dictator, one would have thought that they are pushing him with all their might to become one”.

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