Jewish Artists: Rani Sasson and Dror Ben Ami, the mysteries of creation

Rani Sasson and Dror Ben Ami and the mysteries of creation

Rani Sasson and Dror Ben Ami “Rebirth”, On The Seam – Socio Politico Art Museum Jerusalem, February 2020.

Rani Sasson and Dror Ben Ami explore the forces of nature and give a fractal aspect to the movements of earthly creation to underline a spirituality. It goes through the active forces of a complexity nourished by forms that become the vivid demonstrations of the living… This exhibition allows the meeting of the maternal femininity of Rani Sasso and Dror Ben Ami which transports in strange landscapes.

Both artists explore the depth of both existence and the materials they use. Rani Sassoon returns to sculptures or structures where the assembly of objects or kinds of germs plays a great role. Dror Ben Ami continues his works in black where coal and inks create giant paintings by the effect of pans. Abstraction and figuration are mixed together where a landscape of a new beginning of the world appears. In both cases, there is an emphasis on what “holds” in the face of what one hopes will be an inevitable disaster but which will not happen.

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