Jewish Artists: Jerry Uelsmann, the Cosmic Photographer

Born in Detroit in 1934, Jerry Uelsmann is known for his abstract photo montages that distort reality by mixing characters and landscapes into surrealist narratives.

He places a sense of pain in his photographs, yet just the right amount of it. For it is never appropriate to give him too much credit given that he believes in eternity. By an act of patience, the being may no longer be its hostage. The artist shows this at the heart of situations that are as passive as they are active and almost mythical.

The characters become strange ghosts.

Silence is the key feature of the image, which more than anywhere else is deaf in someone somewhere else but could resemble a person right here.

Uelsmann makes all this according to various primary elements, including the trees, the stars, the water. The cosmic is inserted into existence in suspension and levitation. Photography returns to the original deposit, to the point of explosion of the principle of nothingness and the infinity of its foundation.

A system of fantasy then appears, giving the impression that it is a kind of waking dream. It reminds us that the world is only appearance. The work inevitably brings us into a reality from which the vibration of an absolute springs.

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