Jewish painter: Pierre Alechinsky imperturbable

Pierre Alechinsky imperturbable

Once again Pierre Alechinsky finds himself on the shores of painting.
Rather than plunging body and soul into it, he runs along it while wrapping himself around it.
But in a work that is always inventive and incessant, he invents a world rebellious to the figurations of time.
The artist does not think of elongations, expanses but receptacles and open shells that seem foreign to the world.

The forms keep on flowing without nostalgia for elsewhere, since the artist invents them without explanation: “When asked, ‘Explain your painting to me’, he says, ‘If I could say it, I wouldn’t paint it.'”

In the meantime he turns his paintings into ventriloquist dolls where their material dresses don’t cover everything without slipping into obscenity.

For Alechinsky the matter does not cover everything. And his work remains a frontier in painting and writing. The strange and wild forms are now domesticated by the public: they have even made their entrance at the Elysée Palace. This does not prevent them from wandering on such walls.

The artist is fuelled by his freedom even though his language has gradually imposed itself. You can recognize from afar the walls in fragments, in play of the artist’s goose.

These journeys may seem unchanged but in fact the painter reverses his initial data or digs them between graphic clutter and plastic unclutter : the light passes through what his always new eye undertakes to break down.

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