Jewish artist: Alicia Jo Rabins celebrates Kaddish for Bernie Madoff

With her group Girls in Trouble, the violinist, singer and composer Alicia Jo Rabinsa
 wrote haunting
songs about biblical women. In her new project, Alicia Jo Rabins tackles a figure of a totally different kind, that of Bernie Madoff, the master of the Ponzi scheme*.

A one-show about a man who ruined fortunes, bankrupt charities and whose actions seem to have led people to suicide.

It sounds strange, but Alicia Jo Rabins’ “A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff” is a surprisingly sensitive and moving musical essay, which has just made its debut in Madoff’s hometown of New York.

“A Kaddish”, which has been the subject of much research, includes songs from the point of view of Madoff’s wife, lawyer and victims, as well as Alicia Jo Rabins’ own attempts to confront herself spiritually and practically with what happened.

In “The Quant”*, Alicia Jo Rabins tries to make sense of Madoff’s reasoning:

“I understand these things in a way that most people can’t / Futures. Split conversions / I am a quant. I can do the math. Most people can’t. »

The centerpiece is a moving interpretation of the Kaddish of the deceased, which does not only speak of Madoff’s victims. In a sense, it is about the disappearance of Madoff himself and our confidence in the financial system.

Excerpts from the show are not yet online, but you can listen to Alicia Jo Rabins’ songs on her site.
And if you’re in the New York area, you can attend the November 15 performance. Tickets here!

*The Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent financial arrangement in which clients’ investments are remunerated mainly by the funds provided by new entrants.
*The Quant is a quantitative analyst, also known as a quant, is a financial professional. His job is to develop mathematical models.

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