Jewish artist: Gabi Yair the movement that moves the lines

Gabi Yair: the movement that moves the lines

Gabi Yair, Agrippas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, September 2019.

Gabi Yair presents at the Agripas 12 gakery in Jerusalem small drawings on paper and large paintings on canvas or pepier. He creates a poetic universe which is not without reminding the work of a Michaux by the movements of the gestures which foment such a pictorial and graphic approach.

The landscapes thus created escape reality. Nothing takes place but their place in what becomes an opening to silence and meditation where everything passes through a mentalization. It does not, however, deny the emotion that springs from the shapes and colours.

Delighted to invent stories the artist reconstructs a renewal of the desire for image. We are projected into a universe of limits without knowing if we are staying inside or if we are already outside. The universe is therefore perversely polymorphic in more than one way.

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