Israeli tourism : a Mongolian village in the North of Israel

Have you ever dreamed of flying to the remote Mongolian steppes, riding a horse and enjoying the endless expanses?  All you have to do is “fly” to the Galli Islands, a Mongolian village with a breathtaking view of the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee. You will feel totally at ease.

22 yurts spread over a plot of land in the Golan Heights and a yurt gîte (family and equipped tents). Throughout the village, you will also find rest areas and picnic tables, a kitchen for cooking, fireplaces, safety fountains for refreshment and playgrounds for children. And all of this overlooks a breathtaking view.

Take a deep breath and realise how much you need a holiday.
Need to get out of the routine, feel the nature that surrounds you, and that silence that you so much hoped for, you will find it in just a few hours on the “Galli Islands” in Givat Yoav.

You stand outside your yurt with a glass of red wine in your hand, you enjoy the power of the wind and the breathtaking view, the whole Sea of Galilee unfolds before you, the sun sets in the lake and the plateau is adorned with colours that delight your desire for romance.
There is no doubt that here all the factors for an inspiring holiday are present, plus the attractions of the Golan Heights.

Source: Alliance Mag

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