Support workshop for women civil servants of local authorities

A workshop dedicated to supporting the action of women civil servants and women members of the Equity, Equal Opportunities and Gender Approach Bodies (IEECAG), in the local authorities of Essaouira and Safi provinces, was organised from 1 to 3 October in the Cité des Alizés.

Initiated by the Forum of Federations of Canada, in partnership with the Essaouira Provincial Council and the Association “Aspirations féminines”, this workshop consists in the completion of the process of strengthening and accompanying these women, within the framework of the programme “Empowerment of women for leadership roles in the MENA region: Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan”.

The first day of this workshop was marked by a communication meeting organised at the Essaouira Provincial Council headquarters, in the presence of the President of the Forum of Federations of Canada in Morocco, experts from this organisation, the President of the Council and the Director General of Services, as well as several women civil servants.

This meeting was an opportunity to assess the results of the partnership agreement between the two parties, which have set up a future action programme, for which the Association “Aspirations féminines” will be responsible for the implementation and which concerns women civil servants and members of the IEECAG, as well as women who are preparing to stand as candidates in the next elections. The second day was punctuated by a meeting with 20 women civil servants and members of the said bodies, which took place in strict compliance with preventive and sanitary measures to stem the spread of the new coronavirus.

During the third day, the participants carried out an objective self-evaluation of the programme “Empowering Women for Leadership Roles in the MENA Region: Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan”, in terms of its impact on women and the strengthening of their capacities to access decision-making positions and influence public policies. On this occasion, many participants expressed their great satisfaction after having benefited from this programme, which has encouraged them to undertake a series of individual and collective initiatives aimed at improving the situation of women and protecting and enshrining their fundamental rights.

In addition, these women beneficiaries, who were divided into several groups, have put in place action plans for the future, encompassing different programmes and activities aimed at consolidating the institutionalisation of equity and inclusiveness in governance, both in the public and private sectors, and at strengthening women’s chances of accessing leadership positions in elected councils or other institutions.

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