The photographs “Tomorrow will be beautiful” by Rita Alaoui for the inauguration

Gallery 127 in Montreuil welcomes for its inauguration, from September 12 to October 3, the photo exhibition “Demain sera beau” by Rita Alaoui. The exhibition presents unpublished works: an author’s book, published by Al Manar in 7 copies, with hand-made highlights and of which each copy is a unique print.

With a print in Warm Neutral Piezography on Kozo paper by Awagami, enhanced by manual intervention on the mat, Rita Alaoui offers to view photographs that call for a journey to the centre of the earth, in the archaeology of our human existence and far beyond. “Before delivering her creation, Rita Alaoui metamorphoses and slips into several skins. First, the hunter-gatherer who takes specimens from the wild. Then, satiated by her harvest of stones and plants, she organizes her gathering and begins, like a naturalist, the joyful senescence of the objects”, we read in the artist’s text. And to continue, “the alchemist begins the metamorphosis into a book object, a photograph, a drawing, a collage… Each of these works is a manifesto of the living, of our human essence, but not that, and as Jacques Derrida wrote, of the animal that “I” (we) are.
Rita Alaoui summoned our primitive nature and our ability to marvel day after day at the ordinary magic of the living”. Photographs in which the artist Rita intervened on the mats, and two works painted with walnut stain and collages mixing photographs, drawings, paintings and objects.
It should be noted that Rita Alaoui’s artistic approach suggests a working protocol in which references to anthropology or archaeology fade away to the detriment of a new form of contemplative spirituality. Her work becomes temple and sacred objects. “Through research projects, Rita Alaoui has established a crossroads of experiences and practices that have allowed her to create multiple perspectives and questions on an essential question of her practice, her role as an artist, that of reproducing the ruins left by the passage of time, rethinking our connection to the world, reinterpreting the familiar and imagining connections with the extraordinary”. Rita Alaoui is particularly interested in the intimate and free relationship between writing and the visual arts. She is also trained in manual bookbinding and is passionate about the book as an object. She then devotes more time to the creation of leporellos and artist’s books.


The Moroccan visual artist, Rita Alaoui, who lives between Paris and Marrakech, is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design New York. She masters drawing, performance, photography, installation, painting and artist’s book. Approaches that she has managed to perfect through observation, collecting, accumulating objects found in nature and meditation. Throughout her rich career, Rita has produced “Fragments of daily life” (2013), “Tomorrow will be beautiful” (2020), “Free thoughts of a plant on the world” (2020), as well as several unique editions. To her credit, she has had several individual and group exhibitions in Morocco and abroad.

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