“Us”, a video that tells the story of Humanity

The choreography imagined by Mustapha Es Sabah, alias Steph, presents a message of raw, moving, but hopeful truth.

Fear, rejection, hope, solidarity, love, hatred, cohesion, egocentricity, jealousy, diversity, mixity, equality… several emotions and human concepts are put in the spotlight by choreographer Mustapha Es Sabah, alias Steph. This dancer and director from Salé had the idea of spreading a universal message about Humanity by presenting with an innovative artistic vision, a raw, moving reality.

From his imagination was born a video, “Us”, which sheds light on what unites, separates, weakens and strengthens us as humans. Each and every one of us. This message of raw truth, but of hope, presents itself as a mirror in which “we can be observed, analysed and, better still, believed in our improvement”. In this mini-film, 11 Moroccan dancers tell the story of humanity in front of Adil Nakach’s camera. They narrate from scene to scene the faults, behaviours, interactions, clashes, pains and setbacks of the human race.

Bringing together 11 sensibilities, 11 personalities, mixing 11 prodigious dancers, some confirmed professionals and other young hopefuls, Steph builds a united ensemble. “Each of them was chosen because they corresponded to what he was looking for specifically for this project, both by their respective qualities and by the diversity of their beings. From all horizons, with different backgrounds, each of them embodies Man, and this “We” that characterises us”.

Launched on 5 September, on social networks, Youtube and Vimeo, “Us” was widely relayed organically by Internet users, reflecting both the effervescence of the Moroccan creative scene, where dancers, visual artists, directors and content creators converge, and the public’s enthusiasm for art in all its forms.

A real community that is receptive, fond and encouraging towards cultural content. In 24 hours, it accumulates 63,440 views on Instagram alone. A reception that underlines the instinctive understanding of the message, confirming that art does not need words when it is the pure expression of a sensibility. At the age of 27, Steph is a professional dancer, with numerous stage performances to his credit, including Gims, Lartiste, Vitaa, Aminux, Hatim Ammor, Mawazine, FIFM and commercials. He is also a choreographer and teacher of Urban Dance in Rabat and Casablanca. Self-taught, he discovered dance at the age of 20 on YouTube and decided to learn alone this language which fascinates him.

One thing leading to another, he forges a real technical background and posts some of his choreographies on social networks. He was then noticed by professionals in the sector and began a completely different kind of training to deepen and enrich his dance. He feeds off all styles and is curious about all expressions. He is then chosen to be part of a traditional Moroccan dance troupe with which he goes on a national tour. He continued to perfect his training by taking classes in Morocco and elsewhere and was invited to the Hip Hop Unite World event in the Netherlands as a member of the Moroccan national team where he and his partner won first prize in the duo category. Passionate about the visual arts, he is fascinated by photography, directing, staging and scenography, which he approaches with the same intuition.

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