In Israel, violent men will undergo specific treatment before their release

A new plan will be implemented for violent men imprisoned for domestic violence who will have to undergo a treatment process that will be a condition for their release and return home.

This step, which seems obvious but is not mandatory today, will be mandatory soon. At the moment, these violent men are returning home without anything having changed.

Figures on the release of violent men paint a bleak picture that is far from preventing the next case of violence. L

he data published earlier this week on News 12 shows that 95% of prisoners convicted of domestic violence were released from prison without supervision or restrictive conditions. In addition, 66 percent of them were released without having to undergo treatment.

“It is time to dissuade men and not women,” said Minister Shmuli. “This is something we have to fight for – we cannot accept that women flee to shelters and men go on with their lives without any problem.”

The corona crisis has intensified the distress and tensions between many couples, leading to a sharp increase in violence against women.

In addition, the situation of social services and social organizations has been affected by, among other things, the lack of budgets and an increase in cases following the closure.

In an article in the main edition on Wednesday evening, we talked to women who were staying at a new shelter for battered women that was set up in April and has been full for weeks.

Since the outbreak of the crisis, three times as many women who regularly go to similar centers have come to the special shelter. In recent months, 122 women and 178 children have come there.

The Ministry of Social Affairs attempted to respond to the situation and refer violent men to special hotels for professional treatment, but since the beginning of the crisis only nine violent men have moved to special hotels.

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