The actress Aicha Mahmah answers to bad tongues

Aicha Mahmah dismissed rumors, spread on social networks, that she was suffering from a skin disease and that her health was critical.

Contacted by the Moroccan press, the actress said she suffers only from asthma, stressing that her health is stable. “I don’t suffer from anything. But I am depressed following the death of several artists. I am well and I lack nothing,” reassured Aicha Mahmah.

The actress also reacted to reports that she shaved her head because of cancer. “No, I don’t have cancer. I made the decision to shave my hair as a support for cancer patients, many of whom are friends. I wanted to prove that a woman can be beautiful without her hair. Woman is synonymous with concession, love, humanism,” she added.

It should be noted that after the publication of these photos, the shaved head, several Internet users had praised the actress’ initiative and thanked her for having thought of this category of people who fight daily against the disease.

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