The CDG Institute wonders about the subject of education in Morocco

As part of the series of conferences “Regards vers le futur”, 2020 edition, the CDG Institute organized on Tuesday, October 13 its fourth webinar under the theme :

For a more dynamic vision of the role of education

New skills for a complex world

The CDG Institute has invited five renowned experts in order to shed light on this issue of great importance for Moroccan society:

  • Rachid YAZAMI, Inventor and Researcher, winner of the Charles Stark Draper Award ;
  • Mohamed SOUAL, Chief Economist at OCP Group and President of the Association for Teaching Excellence ;
  • Jamil SALMI, Consultant and world expert in higher education reform ;
  • Ilham LAAZIZ, Director of the GENIE program at the Ministry of National Education ;
  • Noureddine MOUADDIB, President of the International University of Rabat.

Morocco has made the reform of its education system a national priority with the aim of making it a powerful lever of its development ambition. However, despite the various reforms carried out and several positive advances, the pedagogical issue and the quality of education remain a weak point.

While the modes, contents and objects of education are expected to evolve considerably in the future, Morocco is faced with a dual requirement: to prepare its youth for life in the 21st century, for the exercise of active citizenship and personal development, but also to produce skills and qualified profiles able to meet the needs of employment, competitiveness and transformation of its economy.

The speakers were unanimous on the fact that the pedagogical act can no longer be reduced to the teacher’s speech alone. There are many areas of student development that need to be considered that extend beyond technology and basic academic skills (literacy, math and science). Problem solving, critical thinking, the ability to welcome challenges positively, creativity, risk taking, collaborative economy, entrepreneurship, social skills, environmental awareness and, finally, learning to learn will become key competencies for adult life in 21st century society. Teaching and deepening these competencies, so that students are prepared to learn throughout their lives in today’s complex world, requires strong educational models that foster a culture of quality.

Lifelong learning is motivated by the shift from an industrial model of production to a dynamic, interconnected and technology-dominated global knowledge economy. For employees, a constant upgrading of skills is essential and remains employable throughout a career.

About the CDG Institute

The CDG Institute aims at being a vector of transformation of information into new shared knowledge, which can enrich and strengthen the CDG Group in the knowledge of its socio-economic environment and its practices. The CDG Institute promotes a space for reflection capable of fostering the emergence of innovative ideas and constructive solutions within the framework of major national debates.

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