Israel welcomes the great chefs of Italian cuisine virtually

Italian food week in Israel goes online during the coronavirus pandemic

The week will also include a road trip by car from Tel Aviv to northern Israel organised by ENIT and Alfa Romeo.

The fifth Italian Gastronomy Week in Israel will take place from 23 November, announced the Italian Tourist Office in Israel (ENIT) and the Italian Embassy in Israel. At the same time, the Italian Gastronomy Week will take place in dozens of other countries.

The week will include cooking and baking workshops organised only via the net this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The workshops will focus on Italian cuisine favourites such as pizza, polenta, bread and wine, and there will also be a children’s workshop focusing on Nutella.

ENIT in Israel was “pleased to announce the fifth Italian Gastronomy Week in Israel, which will take place simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world. In keeping with the spirit of the times, this year we will virtually welcome top Italian chefs who will bring the smells and nature of Italian cuisine to kitchens throughout Israel in a variety of cooking, baking, wine and ice cream workshops. “

There will be food street workshops from all over Italy that will be broadcast live from places like Naples and Sicily.

Some of Italy’s top chefs will participate in the week, including the winners of prestigious cooking awards such as the 2019 winner of the world’s best pizza chef Franco Pepe.

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