Crisis Management: The Wisdom of a King

Last Monday, HM the King Mohammed VI proposed to the African Heads of State the launch of an initiative to fight against the Coronavirus in the black continent. During two telephone conversations with the Ivorian and Senegalese presidents, the sovereign recommended the development of an operational framework to support African countries in the management of this pandemic. During the last fourteen years, the diplomatic principle of royal tours in Africa was based on partnership and win-win logic. However, at times when humanitarian considerations must take priority over all other considerations, Morocco forgets the logic of profit and quickly adopts that of sharing, as was the case with sub-Saharan immigrants and as is the case today with Covid-19. In the opinion of foreign observers, the King of Morocco has won several successive victories in the struggle with the invisible enemy that is the Coronavirus. On the health front, the proactive measures taken in time have succeeded in limiting the spread of the pandemic.

In order to mitigate the social impact of this epidemiological crisis, urgent and effective measures have been taken for the benefit of workers, the informal sector and the poorest families. At the economic level, Morocco has not been content to simply support companies in difficulty. Indeed, it has taken out its spare stock to export it to friendly countries. The fact that the Tunisian President and the King of Spain have had telephone conversations with the sovereign about strengthening cooperation means that Morocco has won several bets in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. Need I remind you that French, Belgian and other companies are competing to import Moroccan products such as gloves and disinfectants? Is this not proof that King Mohammed VI has adopted an exceptional offensive strategy against the pandemic?

In an editorial published by the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia in its Wednesday 15 April edition, author Younès Dafkir points out that, unlike other world leaders, the king has not addressed the nation in this period of health crisis. The sovereign decided that no time should be wasted and went straight to action by declaring a state of health emergency, in full compliance with the law and the Constitution. Moreover, Moroccans could see the King exercising his constitutional responsibilities every day on television screens during ministerial working sessions or meetings with high-ranking security and military officials. These images show that the king is working much more than he is talking, in this unrestrained fight against the virus.  

In Morocco, the government continues its work and the parliament continues to exercise its mission of controlling public policy. It has to be said that the King of Morocco was trained very early on in all the matters that are currently of concern to governments at international level. The sovereign thus ensures that exceptional measures do not develop into authorized provisions, that the country’s economy does not collapse and that the poor do not have to pay the bill for the disaster alone. Since his rise to the throne, the Sovereign has shown bold wisdom because, even during the emergence of terrorist threats, he has not sacrificed democracy for the sake of security. In the face of the Arab Spring, he has favored democracy and economic development to pull the country out of regional troubles. Today, the sovereign is applying the same formula, with the same wisdom and boldness, to get the country out of this deadly pandemic without too much damage.

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