74% of Employees Prefer to Work from Home

An international study states that 74% of employees (about three-quarters) want a review of employment practices prior to the Coronavirus health crisis.

Indeed, according to the study conducted by the Kaspersky Company of Technology and Development of Security Programs against Viruses and Espionage, employees around the world hope to create the future of their company based on their conditions, instead of returning to the old way of working.

The study included more than 8 thousand employees from various small and medium sized companies in different fields. They talked about the benefits of the “corona” crisis that they wanted to keep, including spending more time with their loved ones (47%), saving money (41%) and working remotely (32%).

The results of the study, conducted in October in several countries around the world, show that about 39% of employees want to give up fixed working hours in the future and work remotely. Meanwhile, 32% want to end the system of 5 working days per week.

In addition, more than a third of employees worldwide (38%) expect more technological support from their institutions when they work remotely, for greater efficiency. Such support will ensure a good Internet connection and protection of equipment from digital threats.

In order to help institutions to preserve the digital security of their employees while working remotely, Kaspersky recommended equipping them with tools that increase their knowledge of electronic security practices, strengthen their electronic literacy through special awareness platforms and implement protective measures to safeguard company information and its organs, including password protection, encryption of work equipment and regular data backup.

Several companies and enterprises have introduced this remote working system directly after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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