Assabah: Pioneer of Audacity

The idea to launch this newspaper in Arabic came after the success of its sibling, the Economist, part of the Eco Media Group, which was launched during the peak of the Kingdom’s openness to freedom of expression, towards the end of the reign of the late Hassan II.

Indeed, the daily Assabah was the first to use color ink on its pages, attracting a greater number of readers, especially since its team is full of talented journalists.

Assabah opted for boldness in its subjects, and bet on professional information, opinion and its counter-opinion, something that was not common in the Moroccan press market which was used to official releases only. The newspaper also sought to diversify its subjects by tackling them from different angles, and by talking about different areas, including society, news, family, art, television, politics, sports, entertainment, in addition to interviews, investigations and translation pages.

Assabah is the first newspaper to dedicate entire pages to crimes and miscellaneous, which has been very popular with readers. In addition, there are 5 pages dedicated to sports in its different categories, as well as large weekly reports that have been successful on several occasions, thanks to their audacity and analysis.

In addition, Assabah has bet, since its beginnings, on image. Indeed, the newspaper reserves an important part to the image in its front pages and articles, images that reflect reality, captured by competent photographers who have won national and Arab photo awards on several occasions.

This newspaper, which has chosen to defend freedom and modernism, is the first to receive the Grand Prize of the national press for a report that revealed the suffering of the inhabitants of Anfgou because of the cold and rain, a work led by the journalist Doha Zineddine and photographed by Abdelmajid Bziouat.

However, Assabah sparked much controversy in society and in the press, addressing taboos that other newspapers and magazines are unable to address.

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