Morocco Considers Creating a “Covid Passport” for Those Wishing to Travel Abroad

The Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, mentioned a trend for the creation of what is called a “Covid passport”, simultaneously with the launch of the vaccination operation against the virus. The aim is to facilitate international transactions in the coming periods.

The minister pointed out that the vaccine could be mandatory in some areas, as well as for travel abroad. Indeed, some countries will impose the condition of being vaccinated before entering their territories, which requires the creation of a “Covid passport” that will allow its holder to travel between these countries without restrictions.

He added that Morocco aims to vaccinate 80% of its citizens, so that life returns to its normal course, indicating that this requires great efforts at all levels.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently said it is in the final stages of creating an international travel document to reassure travelers and airlines.

This digital passport contains information on the diagnosis and vaccination of the traveler. This allows airlines to verify this information before allowing travellers to board. Indeed, this new technique aims to free travelers from restrictions and quarantine measures in their destination countries.

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